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    Microsoft reopens talks with Yahoo!

    Microsoft to acquire Yahoo in the biggest acquisition in IT history! Full story over at Mashable This deal will be huge if it goes ahead: Microsoft has reacted to Google’s purchase of DoubleClick by stepping up talks with Yahoo about a possible acquisition/merger. Estimated pricetag for Yahoo? $50 billion. Microsoft […]

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    Google snaps up DoubleClick, MS in trouble

    Google has acquired DoubleClick, placing Microsoft in trouble, as the company has now now fallen even further back in the online advertising race. About 10 hours ago Google announced that they have agreed to acquired DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cash (nearly double the size of their YouTube Acquisition which was […]

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    First Look – Photoshop CS3

    Here’s a highly detailed look into the upcoming release of the next version of Adobe Photoshop. Good information and good screenshots. The people on the product team for Photoshop haven’t been getting much sleep. We can only imagine how much Red Bull and coffee they consumed in the process of […]

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    Google Maps cant find Yahoo!

    Google Maps has no problem finding its own headquarter Googleplex, but having serious trouble locating rival Yahoo’s address. Turns out that Google Maps is having trouble with spelled-out number (first, second, fourth), that is, instead of “701 First Avenue”, “701 1st Avenue” will work when finding Yahoo! on Google Maps. […]

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    Apple iPhone Dispute

    There’s a heavily contentious debate surrounding Apple’s new iPhone, which has been surrounded by multiple patent disputes. Cisco and Apple today announced that they have resolved their dispute involving the “iPhone” trademark. Hostilities broke out between the two companies last month, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the music phone […]

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    Google fever in NYC

    Google is staffing up its new Manhattan offices with some 500 employees. Why is the Internet giant making the Big Apple its second home? Proximity to Madison Avenue and the media giants is only part of the answer. New York City is emerging or re-emerging as a hot tech center. […]

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    WordPress 2.1 released

    Just a heads up for all the bloggers out there. With an improved editor, image uploader, security features, and more. Nice polish added to already great blogging software. Just be sure your installed plugins are compatible.Visit the official WordPress site For the best wordpress themes go to WordPressthemes.co.za

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