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    GelaSkins for the Apple iPhone

    GelaSkins has released a range of visual candy for the Apple iPhone to cover the back of the phone and come with matching dowloadable wallpapers for the screen. You can now pimp out your iPhone with it’s very own skin to seperate your iPhone or iPhone 3G from the rest […]

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    Vodacom invests in Zoopy

    Breaking news: Zoopy has just reported on their company blog that South African cellular giant Vodacom has acquired a 40% stake in the local video sharing service (they have blogging and photo sharing as well). Vodacom will likely provide the finance and infrastructure Zoopy needs to innovate and grow their […]

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    Mail&Guardian New Layout

    BandwidthBlog posted the scoop a few months ago about the new M&G site layout and I’m sure you remember it. Vincent Maher head strategist for M&G and Amatomu co-founder, showed it to Charl months and months ago, but today ladies and gents the wait is over. We have the final […]

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    iPhone Users to Build a Social Network?

    Apple customers and especially iPhone users seem to be an elitist group of people using only top notch technology. Therefore, the idea of creating a social network and include all of them, is not good but incredible. What would you say if there would be a mobile social network where […]

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    3G iPhone in South African soon

    Update – Vodacom has pushed back the release of the iPhone to late August because of huge international demand which resulted in low iPhone 3G stock levels. So many people, expected Steve Jobs to come on the stage and make the new 3G iPhone official so that the media could […]

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