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    More Twitter Followers, Kevin Rose Style

    Though we didn’t know Kevin Rose guest blogs, he did it on TechCrunch. Why? Because the founder of Digg has 10 great ways that will increase your Twitter followers. Other than being an investor the guy is a “guru” on Twitter – only outranked by President Obama. And why do […]

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    Windows 7 Beta: Good or Bad?

    Though Vista is much more stable than the Windows XP Pro, many people decided to ditch it because it’s a resource hog like no other. But in the meantime, MSFT has been working hard on Windows 7 which is now in Beta mode. Renai LeMay of ZDnet Australia got a […]

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    The Times Online, Adgator’s First Advertiser

    Using the Afrigator blogging platform, Adgator – Africa’s first blog ad network, plans on becoming market leader for blog advertising throughout the continent. Launched in November 2008 as a solution for bloggers to make money from blogging, Adgator is first being rolled out in South Africa, while in 2009 every […]

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    Afrigator announces Adgator

    Afrigator Internet today announced the launch of Adgator, Africa‘s first blog ad network tailored specifically for South Africa. The Adgator network is aimed at helping advertisers get in to the conversation while offering bloggers the chance to earn money from their sites. Justin Hartman, MD of Afrigator, said that “œthe […]

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    Please fix the iPhone

    Marketing firm FullSix has launched a customer feedback website for Apple iPhone users to submit and vote on the most crucial fixes for the iPhone – personally I would like to see video recording and bluetooth added (even if only between iPhone/Mac devices) Right now the top requests are: 1. […]

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    Apple bites into the cellphone market

    Apple have sold 10 million iPhones in 2008, this figure correlates to Steve Jobs announcing earlier this year that apple wants to be one of the main contenders in the cellphone market. This was a bold statement, especially when you consider the worldwide market for cell phones is around 1 […]

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