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    Six million iBricks

    Apple have made a huge boo-boo by not preparing for high traffic loads and ‘bricking’ their customer’s iPhones. We mentioned earlier you need the iPhone 2.0 firmware upgrade to get your hands on all the new iPhone applications. Which means everyone who has a legit iPhone will be rushing to […]

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    iPhone 3G: Will it blend

    Have you seen the first “iPhone: Will it blend” video on youtube? It’s a cult classic. Blendtec, the kitchen ware company, have carried on the viral phenomenon (100 million views) by blending a brand new iPhone 3G. They have marketed their company by blending anything they can get their hands […]

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    Sneak peak – white iPhone 3G

    Gizmodo just reported the first few photos (and video) of a white iPhone 3G unboxing by AT&T staff. We don’t know if the albino iPhone 3G will make its way to our shores but we have heard it won’t be coming to the UK. The iPhone applications store will be […]

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    3G iPhone Hacked to Run Flash Lite

    Thomas Joos, a Beligian iPhone coder posted this video on YouTube, it crearly shows his iPhone running Flash Lite. No, this isn’t official or Adobe-backed in the slightest way, but rather a port of the software hacked into the iPhone OS using the two apps b.Tween and eyeGT. He only […]

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    iPhone 3G unboxing

    iPhonePortugal have released what they say are the first unboxing photos of the new 8GB Apple iPhone 3G, available in South Africa later this month. The photos dont look fake so this could be the very firts photos of iPhone 2.

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    Beware of downloads for your 3G Iphone

    Mobile devices that contain Internet access are being targeting by cyber criminals. Once you get spyware or any other kind of malware onto your iPhone perhaps from free iPhone downloads, it can spread to your computer when you download anything from your iPhone or iPhone 3G to your computer ““ […]

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    GelaSkins for the Apple iPhone

    GelaSkins has released a range of visual candy for the Apple iPhone to cover the back of the phone and come with matching dowloadable wallpapers for the screen. You can now pimp out your iPhone with it’s very own skin to seperate your iPhone or iPhone 3G from the rest […]

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    Vodacom invests in Zoopy

    Breaking news: Zoopy has just reported on their company blog that South African cellular giant Vodacom has acquired a 40% stake in the local video sharing service (they have blogging and photo sharing as well). Vodacom will likely provide the finance and infrastructure Zoopy needs to innovate and grow their […]

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