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    March 12, 2012

    Nokia to launch Windows 8 Qualcomm tablet

    Insiders have suggested that Nokia will be launching its first Windows 8 tablet toward the end of 2012 in the fourth quarter of the year.

    The new tablet, a 10-inch Windows-on-ARM machine using a dual-core Qualcomm chipset is Nokia’s attempt at expanding beyond the smartphone market. The report follows shortly after Nokia’s Lumia 800 received overall positive reviews that finally saw the company making an impact in the high-end smartphone market place.

    DigiTimes reports the word from supplier sources that Nokia’s new offering is expected to bolster the company’s position against Android tablet manufactures. At this stage, the tablet is likely to be powered by a Snapdragon S4 “œKrait“ chipset which has just been introduced in devices like the HTC One S and could also be part of Microsoft’s spec for the next Windows Phone update, codenamed Apollo that will see an overall increase in volume with an aim for business use.

    Compal is expected to be Nokia‘s manufacturing partner with an expected 200,000 units going out in their first shipment.

    Until now, Nokia has has said that it was holding off on producing a tablet until it was sure it could differentiate its product from the likes of Apple and Android tablets currently available on the market. This seems to be a sensible strategy considering Android’s own battle against Apple, whose much anticipated “new iPad” created an enormous amount of online coverage since its launch.

    Windows 7 tablets have also struggled to compete against the iPad, something Microsoft hopes to change with the introduction of its updated OS.

    This is not the first time Nokia has introduced a Windows based computer. Back in 2009, the company launched a 3G-enabled upscale netbook call the Booklet. Unfortunately, due to its relatively underpowered Intel Atom processor, it was retired without replacement.

    Source: Slash Gear

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Moyodts

      I so regret buying the iPad2. I just hope this device wont come with the freezing problem your phones have hey. Really disgusting really

      • Testa

        Jeez, you are an ass!