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    April 12, 2012

    Nokia unveils new Lumia 610, first NFC Windows Phone

    On Wednesday, Nokia unveiled its new Lumia 610, the first mobile phone to take Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. NFC technology drives instant payment systems and information sharing and Nokia promises that there will be more models in the future.

    Ilari Nurmi, marketing chief at Nokia smartphone unit, said in a statement that “We’re bringing NFC right across our portfolio and together with our ever-growing range of NFC accessories we’re making it easy for people to connect via a single tap. We’re also enabling operators and other service providers to build NFC payment and ticketing solutions on top of our smartphones.”

    NFC enables data to be exchanged wirelessly over distances of a few centimetres, meaning that now mobile phones can be used to pay for goods, store electronic tickets, download music, engage in social networking and swap photos and business cards on the go.

    Research firm Berg Insight said last month that as manufacturers and operators begin to roll out new models, sales of NFC-enabled cellphones are expected to more than triple to 100 million handsets in 2012 hoping to tap into the emerging market for mobile payments.

    Nokia has revealed that Orange will be the first service provider to to offer the Lumia 610 in the early part of the third quarter. The device has been certified for contactless payments both with MasterCard and Visa technologies.

    The phone will be able to use NFC as an alternative to Bluetooth by communicating with other devices around the home and office.

    For more about the Lumia 610 NFC phone watch the demo video below:

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    Source: The Huffington Post

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Hope these idiot roll out the software for Lumia 800 owners as well.