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    June 24, 2013

    New leaked iPhone 5S image emerges

    A few days after a leaked image of what is rumoured to be the iPhone 5S was published online, another image has emerged.

    On Friday, an image published by MacRumors (below) of the possible iPhone 5S revealed a device with a dual-LED flash for the camera and while looking similar in design to the current iPhone 5 in every other respect a bigger 5.92 Whr battery can also be seen.

    As pointed out, the image also reveals that the device was manufactured in October 2012, signified by a 1243 code found on the bottom of the main chip. As a result it remains unclear if it represents the final product or simply a prototype.

    Based on the much clearer more recent image as seen above, as expected, the iPhone 5S seems likely to be more of an incremental update that will feature improved hardware and the new iOS 7.


    Source: Tech Radar

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Paul

      That looks like the iphone 5S, or wait, maybe its the iphone 5, no wait, maybe its the iphone 4S, or wait, it could even be the iphone 4, no no, its definately the iphone 3. Ok, its the original iphone! Its so damn hard, they all look alike!