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    December 5, 2012

    NATIVE Inventions launches 10 new apps in partnership with Mxit

    NATIVE Inventions, the innovation and product development division of NATIVE, has launched 10 new Mxit applications onto the mobile social media platform in order to accelerate mobile experimentation, its first step in pioneering new mobile apps and platforms in the market.

    NATIVE Inventions, that operates as a start-up within the agency, has a range of activities under the innovation umbrella including product development, prototyping new technologies, establishing and managing relationships with technology partners such as RSAWeb and Everlytic and expanding knowledge in the agency through TED-like Axe Sharpener Sessions.

    Levon Rivers, Head of NATIVE Inventions says, “œThis division is our way of investing our creativity and technical skill in exploring additional revenue streams for NATIVE. It‘s amazing work, and I‘m proud to be heading it up.“

    The first batch of mobile products, for which Mxit was selected as the first technology partner, seeks to bring smartphone capabilities and experiences to feature phone users.

    “œHaving a beautiful, feature rich iPhone app is great, but in South Africa it means your brand is speaking to a very small percentage of the total market. With Mxit we have the potential to engage with millions of users, most of whom are not accessible on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook,“ says Rivers. “œWe‘re finding that what‘s possible on Mxit in terms of deep audience engagement goes far beyond other platforms. Where they are overwhelmed with content and apps ““ Mxit users are starved for good apps that they can use either for entertainment or utility“.

    There are a variety of apps available including a directions app using the Google Maps API called GetThere and a meme generator called MakeAMeme. The success of the applications has been significant with Mxit users having already created over 20 000 memes and generated over 500 000 page views with MakeAMeme in less than two months.

    Andy Volk, VP of Developer Relations at Mxit, says, “œIt‘s truly inspiring to see the amount of innovation in NATIVE’s new apps. They‘re exactly the kind of developer that we want on the Mxit platform.”

    The 10 Mxit applications now available from NATIVE Inventions include:

    1. MakeAMeme – a meme generator with an engaged community focusing on relevant topics.

    2. GetThere ““ a directions tool created using the Google Maps API that gives users text and image directions.

    3. Talkbot ““ an artificial intelligence robot that learns and grows from every conversation it has with users on the app.

    4. PenaltyMaster ““ a classic penalty shootout soccer game.

    5. Monster.Face ““ a photobooth style app made for Halloween that transforms a user‘s picture into a monster.

    6. CreateACard ““ personalised e-card creator where users can add their own photos and messages to send to friends and family on special occasions.

    7. FaceSwap ““ evolution on Monster.Face, with a focus on seasonal events ““ the first one being a new Christmas theme.

    8. Get.Inspired ““ Religious inspirational quotes to inspire and share with friends.

    9. Heartwall ““ a community to share heartwarming thoughts with or tell anonymous secrets to get advice.

    10. FunName ““ name generator for various characters.

    To access the apps, visit www.mxit.com (or any other related app store) and add the desired application as a contact ““ as per standard Mxit protocol.


    Look out for our video interview with NATIVE CEO, Jason Xenopoulos coming soon.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!