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    October 28, 2014

    MTN launches collect call service

    A new service launched by MTN allows for reversed charge calling on its network.

    The service is similar to reversed-charge/collect call services on other platforms.  MTN’s Pay4Me service allow for a MTN user to call another MTN user and have the receiver be responsible for the costs.

    MTN stated: “Should the receiver accept the call, they will be charged on behalf of the caller at 99c per minute on a per second billing, regardless of their tariff plan.”

    “MTN is aware of how hard-pressed consumers are and this proposition seeks to ensure that its subscribers stay connected despite their financial situation,” said MTN’s Larry Annetts.

    How to make a collect call

    Customers can initiate the service by dialing 127 from their MTN Sim, followed by the number they wish to call and pressing the dial button.

    An alternative is also available by dialing *127* followed by the cellphone number they wish to call and ending with a # key.

    Receivers will have the ability to control the list of cellphone numbers that they are willing to receive by dialing *127#.  The menu will help create a list for allowed cellphone numbers.  This will allow the system to work more seamlessly since a receiver won’t have to accept the service every time.

    IMG: Tech Central

    Listen in to our latest podcast!