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    June 20, 2012

    Motorola launches low price tough handset

    Motorola has launched a new low price tough handset  called the DEFY MINI that is now available in South Africa.

    The new phone is designed to be water, dust and scratch resistant for the outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to take their smartphone wherever they go.

    Made for Living

    Dust-proof, water-resistant and with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display, Motorola DEFY MINI is strong enough to keep up with you and your wildest adventures. The phone‘s crystal-clear 3.2-inch touchscreen display is great for email, texting and browsing the Web. Its long battery life means this phone will easily last the day (or night).

    Live Moments

    Snap photos of your various escapades with the phone‘s 3-megapixel camera and share all the fun you‘re having with friends instantly using the pre-loaded social networking apps. You can also take advantage of Motorola DEFY MINI‘s front-facing VGA camera to video chat with friends while you‘re mountain biking, rock climbing or soaking up the sun on the beach.

    Plus, when you’re seeking that next adventure, the phone‘s GPS navigation will always keep you pointed in the right direction and ensure you never get left out in the cold.

    Live Life Smarter

    With MotoSwitch, Motorola DEFY MINI can learn which songs you love, who you talk to most and which apps you rely on to get through the day. This information is then used to populate your home screens for quick and easy access ““ ensuring you‘ll be organised and have loads of extra time on your hands.

    But don‘t worry“¦ your boredom won‘t last long. Since Motorola DEFY MINI is an Android powered smartphone, you‘ll have access to Google Play where you‘ll find over 500,000 apps and games.

    “œMotorola DEFY MINI is just the right mix of style, value, performance and toughness,“ said Dorothy Matemba, Motorola sub-Saharan Africa head of marketing.

    “œIt can stand up to whatever your busy life throws at you, keep you connected and organised while allowing you to capture and share your once-in-a-lifetime adventures ““ all with resilience and style“, she continued.


    Motorola DEFY MINI, is now available from Vodacom. The recommended retail price is R1999 and it will also be available on contract.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • This isn’t bad. But compare that to the Samsung Galaxy Pocket which retails for R999! The Pocket is great value for money!

      • PienkZuit

        The Defy mini has twice the resolution (320 x 480 vs the Pocket’s 240×320), and 3.2″ vs 2.8″ screen. That makes a HUGE difference in usability.

      • The Samsung Galaxy Pocket has one limitation; the screen size. At 2.8″, you’d find that some of the applications, like Twitter for Android, is difficult to use. While typing, the screen where the text is displayed is so tiny that you will almost not see what you’re typing.