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    November 26, 2012

    MoPublication: Create a native iOS app for any WordPress website

    MoPublication makes it really quick and easy to create a native iOS app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for any WordPress website, simply by installing a plugin.

    “œThe entire process has been designed to be as seamless and intuitive as possible so that even a non-technical person can create an app for their personal website or brand in a few minutes,“ says Colin Daniels, CEO of Grenade, a Johannesburg-based startup who recently launched the service.

    All that customers need to do in order to get started is download the MoPublication plugin and install it on their website. The person then follows a simple step-by-step process from their website admin area which allows them to completely customize their app by selecting branding and layout options as well as configure optional settings for integration with various third-party services and advertising networks. All of the changes are displayed in a live preview screen within the plugin.

    Once the person has finished customizing their app, the final step is to click the submit button and enter payment details. The app gets built and compiled by the MoPublication team and is usually available on the Apple App Store within 5-10 working days after submission.

    Watch the video below to see real-life examples of MoPublication apps which showcase some of the product‘s different features and designs:

    If those examples of the slick MoPublication apps don‘t have you completely sold, the affordable pricing model definitely will. Custom developed apps can quite easily reach seven digit figures and take months to build but MoPublication customers pay a low monthly licensing fee with no other associated costs. What‘s more, the monthly fee includes free support and updates for total peace of mind.

    MoPublication is currently running an amazing launch special for a limited period where you can get your own branded app for only $49 per month along with free setup.

    Daniels says that he‘s very excited about the upcoming release of the MoPublication Drupal plugin later this year, “œthis is a big milestone in our strategic roadmap as Drupal and WordPress power a significant number of all websites on the Internet.“

    The MoPublication team are also currently working on a new version of the app that is aimed at companies and brands that need to mobilize their print assets such as brochures and leaflets. The company plans on porting both versions of the app to Google Android in the first quarter of next year.

    About Grenade:

    Grenade is a technology start-up based in Johannesburg, South Africa with a focus on developing web and mobile products for publishers in emerging markets.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Grant

      Prefix/Grenade/Whatever-they-call-themselves-now show that yet again, they can only copy other people’s products. First they sold someone else’s CMS and then copied open source CMSes to sell as their own. Then they did the very same thing with their mailer system PMailer now this.

      Well done Josh and Sam, your creativity and original ideas truly make the rest of us look bad.

      • Sam

        Hi @Grant, this is an article about MoPublication which is a really great product so I am surprised you feel this is a place for a dig at Prefix. However such serious accusations about Prefix need a response.

        7 years ago, when we first started, we rebranded an off the shelf Email product reselling it as our own. This was a terrible experience and for two years I never slept while dealing with US based support and trouble shooting hundreds of their bugs.

        After an enormous amount of pain and suffering we decided to build our own and 3.5 years ago we launched pMailer which was built by us from the ground up. Since then we have never looked back and things have been great.

        For me this was my most difficult lesson in business and now I always build core products internally. Generally I would encourage any tech start-up to build your own products, reselling other foreign product always leads to difficult situations and you will never have anything of your own.

        Well done to Grenade, in MOPublication they have built and awesome product that really can disrupt the market. With everybody’s support they could be huge.

    • Colin Daniels

      @9d4d7be3f0e3a6eb9d7639e0f026dce3:disqus Your comment is factually incorrect and misleading. Grenade is a completely separate company which Prefix happen to have equity in, however, like any other investors they aren’t operationally involved so you’re barking up the wrong tree.

      Furthermore, all of our products are developed in-house from the ground-up. Nothing is copied or outsourced as you suggest. I’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts once you’ve actually tried our products.

    • What is the benefit of having an ‘app’ as opposed to using responsive design that is compatible on iPhones etc?