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    July 16, 2013

    Microsoft Surface team working on smartwatch

    While Microsoft’s Xbox accessories team was hard at work designing and testing a smartwatch prototype, reports have now emerged that reveal that the smartwatch will now be tested under the company’s Surface team.

    The information comes from people close to the matter reports The Verge that also claims the original version of the device was set to come with a heart-rate monitor.

    Among Tech has also recently reported that the prototype, that is currently being worn  and tested by employees, will be made from Oxynitride Aluminum and available in different colours – red, yellow, blue, grey, black and white. While Oxynitride is 80% transparent it’s also about 4 times harder than glass giving us a clearer idea of the look and strength of the device.

    The ‘Surface’ smartwatch will also reportedly run on an adapted version of Windows 8, feature 6GB of storage and LTE support and be based mostly on cloud storage.

    While it appears that Microsoft is furthest along in bringing a useable smartwatch device to market, the latest rumours of its progress join the likes of Apple and Samsung and until official company statements are released, they will continue to be just that.

    In fact, with this report, more rumours of Apple’s iWatch have emerged with the company reportedly “aggressively” looking to hire more staff to work on its project for an end of 2014 launch.

    Just last month, Sony launched its next generation smartwatch, the Sony SmartWatch 2, that the company called “the world‘s first water-resistant smartwatch with NFC connectivity.”

    Listen in to our latest podcast!