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    June 7, 2017

    Microsoft’s ‘Surface Mobile’ could include a projector, Surface Pen

    windows 10 pick up where i left off

    A new leak has detailed that Microsoft’s Surface Phone – apparently called Surface Mobile – might include a projector, Surface Pen and more.

    For a while it seemed that Microsoft had killed off Windows 10 Mobile and was further planning an exit from the mobile market altogether, though in recent months it seems like momentum has gathered around the future of Microsoft’s presence in mobile technology. Now, a new leak has detailed that Microsoft may be planning a return to mobile hardware with the advent of Surface Mobile.

    Surface Mobile is, apparently, the culmination of several rumours we’ve previously been privvy to surrounding the Redmond company’s planned development of a Surface Phone. The leak comes courtesy of Microsoft’s own account on Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing service.

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    The Surface Mobile is claimed to arrive with built-in projection capabilities that will enable consumers to run a full desktop experience without the need for a monitor. Accordingly, the unit will apparently feature a stand that will enable it to lean up to 185-degrees.

    The device will apparently only be able to project for the period of one hour, however, though another addition might delight fans of Microsoft’s Surface range; the device will apparently sport a Surface Pen which consumers may be able to sheathe akin to the S Pen found on Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

    Finally, the handset is expected to run Win32 applications (.exe programs) – breaking the mould of previous Continuum-based smartphones that have been able to run Universal Windows Apps.

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    What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in purchasing a Surface Mobile device with projection and stylus-based abilities? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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