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    May 21, 2012

    Microsoft launches experimental social network – So.cl

    has reported that Microsoft has quietly launched its own social network called So.cl, pronounced “social”. The network, an experimental project at this stage “is designed to give students the ability to network with their peers to share information”, rather than directly compete with Facebook.

    However, there are some similarities with the social network giant, including the ability for users to share interesting websites with a “share on So.cl” button that is added to a user’s tool bar with a “bookmarklet” feature, commenting on and tagging other posts.

    Users on So.cl can follow interests like food, art and places in addition to following other users.

    In addition So.cl allows users to what it calls “riff” on a post which Microsoft says is another way in which users can interact with content on the site. Another unique feature to So.cl is its “video parties” where users can search for and put together videos that they like and share with others.

    A Microsoft representative commented that the project, by FUSE Labs, is now accepting all users to try out the site and its features which focuses “on the future of social experiences and learning, especially among younger people.”

    As “an experiment in open search” the site searches will be viewable from other So.cl users and to third parties, but users will have to opt-in to the service for their posts, comments and likes to be visible. Users can sign into So.cl using their Facebook or Windows Live login details.

    The So.cl. site, also offers an introductory video to show interested users how it works.

    Would you give So.cl a try – let us know your thoughts?

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

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