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    November 19, 2012

    Meet Spaza Shop: A South African market for Android apps

    Spaza Shop, developed by Dawid van Graan and Richard Barry of Polymorph Systems, is an app marketplace for South African Android apps. It helps South Africans with Android phones to find locally relevant apps and also gives South African Android app developers exposure to local users, both of which are not easy to do through the Google Play Store.

    The apps are still hosted and installed through Google Play, and all the advantages this entails – ratings, update notifications, etc. – but the app is a very specific viewing angle on the Play Store  – local apps only.

    Aimed specifically at South Africans the name is appropriate as locals know that the term refers to your local store, in your neighbourhood thereby making it clear who it is targeted at. As the saying goes, “local is lekker”.

    Of the inspiration behind the app Barry says, “As app developers ourselves, we’ve found that local apps, targeted at South Africans, get lost in the noise of the Google Play Store.  There simply aren’t enough Android users yet in SA to get the amount of downloads that gives an app visibility in the store.  So, we decided to try and fix that, by developing an app showcase that only shows local apps. ”


    Features of the app include:

    • Locally relevant apps listed by category and newly added.
    • A Top 10 list of the most popular apps.
    • Viewing detailed app information, including ratings and feedback.
    • Receiving updates through Google Play.

    Download Spaza Shop from the Google Play store.

    If you are a developer you can submit your app for free here. 

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

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