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    June 1, 2012

    Logitech launches new solar powered keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac

    has reported that Logitech has just launched its Wireless Solar Keyboard K760, a new edition to its solar keyboard line-up.

    The new keyboard enables users to connect their iPhone, iPad and Mac all at the same time meaning that you no longer have to disconnect each device and re-enter a code every time you want to switch between them.

    Logitech’s Brand Manager Todd Walker explains that the keyboard gives an easy way to work across all these three devices.

    The K760, an upgraded version of the the K750 released in 2010, is also solar powered so rather than require batteries to operate, the keyboard has “onboard solar cells” and can be charged with either natural sunlight or indoor lighting which can run for a total of 3 months based on 8 hours of usage per day.

    The newer version also offers some improvements from its predecessor including a much closer resemblance to Apple’s regular Wireless keyboards with “the dedicated Home key working like the Home button on your iPad or iPhone”.

    Logitech’s latest product will be going on sale in the U.S. and Europe this month with a retail price of US $80.

    Watch the demo video below:

    Listen in to our latest podcast!