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    March 6, 2013

    Locally designed app, Found Shopping launches at Design Indaba

    A new locally designed app, Found Shopping launched at the 2013 Design Indaba in Cape Town on Friday and people attending the design showcase had the opportunity to be the first to sample it.

    With the launch of the app, Found Shopping had hundreds of people sharing and discovering the best buys around them.

    The team behind Found Shopping’s previous app, Google Umbono-backed Pashash (read the review here), won Startup World South Africa last year.

    Co-founder, Faheem Kajee, subsequently spent two months in Silicon Valley marketing and getting feedback before deciding to refocus the proposition specifically around sharing deals. Enter Found Shopping.

    Based on the research, it turned out that finding a great deal is about a lot more than just saving money – It‘s about feeling like a smart, savvy shopper that has outsmarted the system. “œWe think of deals as little gems which everybody loves,“ says Kajee. “œFound Shopping is the best way for people to share the exhilaration of finding these gems first.“

    The app builds on the idea of Sport Shoppers: a term coined by researchers at San Francisco State University to describe a market segment that shops competitively. Sport Shoppers compete for deals, experience a high when they find something, and even train to improve their performance.


    Beyond letting you share and discover deals, Found Shopping allows you to keep track of your finds and how much money you‘re saving yourself and your friends as a result. It is entirely based around your location and lets people unearth the most popular deals being shared by others around them.

    Found Shopping ended the weekend in the Top 10 Lifestyle Apps in the SA App Store. Although focused in South Africa for the moment, the app has its sights set on global expansion in the next few months.

    Found Shopping is available for free download on both iPhone and Android (beta).

    Founders Faheem Kajee and Lawrence Webley

    Founders Faheem Kajee and Lawrence Webley

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Lost

      It’s so sweet that the founders are doing this as a couple.