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    February 10, 2016

    The Reach Trust unveils LevelUp, a new mobile learning solution


    The Reach Trust, in association with the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, has launched LevelUp – a new mobile learning solution.

    Secondary education in South Africa remains in crisis due to a lack of service delivery and sufficient funding, but thanks to the Reach Trust and FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, there’s a new app named LevelUp helping to bridge the gap and enable learners to improve not only academic performance, but further their social skills and develop good learning behaviour.

    LevelUp has been made available for free to South African learners through an Android app and, additionally, a mobi site.

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    Designed from key learnings from recent projects – namely, the Ukufunda Virtual School and the Learn2Earn pilot program, the LevelUp education app is modelled on schools of excellence.

    “œThere‘s been a lot of general emphasis on access to information being key to unlocking a learner‘s potential. And while it is vital, we believe that inspiration, motivation and rewards play equally important roles” said Andrew Rudge, CEO of the Reach Trust in a statement.

    LevelUp offers learners access to learning material, academic and psychosocial support, as well as an incentive programme to encourage learning.

    Chiefly, the app offers three main areas: The Classroom, where free curriculum-aligned content is offered fro Grade 8-12, the Life Skills programme which is designed to help learners in their career, creative endeavour and health and more, and finally the Advice section, where learners can engage with a comprehensive list of support services.

    The app further gamifies learning, and offers tangible rewards such as shopping coupons for products with partners, including names such as Shoprite and Checkers.

    The Reach Trust has asked the public for yearly donations of as little as R100 to help learners achieve their best through the service.

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    Visit the mobi site: www.mylevelup.mobi 

    Listen in to our latest podcast!