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    September 8, 2015

    Lenovo Tab Yoga 3 Pro

    Lenovo is one of the world‘s remaining PC manufacturers still making a profit ““ if slim ““ who seem to be fighting back. Lenovo have been making tablet PCs since the IdeaPad Yoga at the beginning of 2014 and they seem to be building on those devices. This brings us to the new Lenovo Tab Yoga Pro 3 recently unveiled and seems the saying is true, “œif you can‘t beat them, join them“.


    In a somewhat stagnant market where tablets are just improved upon with slightly improved specs, Lenovo seems to be bringing something new to the market. The Yoga 3 Pro has a massive 10200mAh battery, for ages of fun with a 10.10 inch screen at 2560×1600 resolution (QHD). A capable 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera, should provide picture quality in line with many modern smartphones. This device does not lack speed either, running 2GB RAM and a quad-core 2.24Ghz Intel Atom processor. The Yoga 3 Pro has all the amenities such as Bluetooth, WiFi, 3.5mm audio jack and a great feature of expandable memory up to 128GB. With all these specs housed in a beautifully styled, all metal device running Android Lollipop; it seems that Lenovo have hit all the nails on the head.


    This brings us to the coup de grâce, the thing that sets this tablet apart from the folly; a projector. Yes, you heard that correct. The Tab Yoga 3 Pro has a projector which is capable of displaying images as big as 70-inches on any surface (granted it‘s dark enough). This is an amazing feature, in that its purposes are endless. The projector can project as far as 5 meters and can be used for business meetings and presentations, to a movie with the friends literally on the go.

    Having recently displayed the Tab Yoga 3 Pro as the IFA conference last week, it is easy to see that Lenovo are pushing the envelope in an interesting and will be here to stay if this type of thinking continues.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!