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    April 10, 2012

    Kickstarter features JuiceTank: The first iPhone case and charger in one

    Kickstarter is currently featuring and raising funds for the production of the JuiceTank, the first iPhone charger and case in one that allows iPhone users to charge their phone anytime and anywhere. With poor battery life having become one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone, the JuiceTank aims to solve this problem with a single accessory.

    The main feature of the JuiceTank is an integrated wall charger that folds flat against the case to provide maximum portability and simplicity. The automated plug deploys easily and allows you to plug your phone directly into any outlet with no cords required.

    Designed by Jesse Pilner and Lloyd Gladstone in New York, the JuiceTank case has been designed with a micro USB pass through so you can charge and sync your iPhone with a micro USB cord. If you don’t have a cord handy, then you can make use of the JuiceTank’s ability to recharge the phone on its own.

    The case will be made from a high grade polycarbonate to protect the phone from daily wear and tear with the inside featuring a soft touch rubberized finish to keep it secure and prevent any scratches to your phone.

    Find out more about JuiceTank in the video below:

    This is not the first innovative product design for the iPhone that Kickstarter has featured. In February Kickstarter raised over $1 million for the next generation iPhone and iPod dock designed by  Casey Hopkins.

    What do you think of the JuiceTank  – is it something you’d be interested in owning?

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

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