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    June 23, 2016

    KFC’s Watt a Box offers a box of chicken with a built-in power bank

    watt a box

    Launched in India, the KFC Watt a Box not only holds chicken, but also includes a fully-fledged battery pack that can be used to charge a phone.

    One of the greatest issues facing budding gadgeteers is running out of proverbial juice while completing a late-night KFC run. Thankfully, KFC wants to make amends with the Watt a Box; a box of fried chicken which – you guess it – doubles as a smartphone charger.

    In what surely is the most bizarre combination to reach our news desks since LG produced an augmented reality vacuum cleaner, KFC has announced that the Watt a Box will launch in India, where consumers will be able to enjoy a box of chicken and a charged smartphone at the same time.

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    Well, perhaps that last part is too good to be true. BGR reports that an iPhone 5s plugged into the box only charged by 17% over a 30 minute period.

    This isn’t the first time KFC has combined a gadget with a greasy stash of fried chicken; previously, the firm has released a photo printer chicken bucket and even a tray which doubles as a keyboard.

    Further, even the likes of McDonalds has jumped in on the gadget craze; designing its iconic Happy Meal boxes to reshape into a pair of virtual reality goggles named – yes, you guessed it – Happy Goggles.

    The Watt a Box arrives sporting a single power button and a solitary USB port, and is only available in select stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

    With any luck, the Watt a Box might arrive in South Africa in future and give us all 17% extra battery life coupled with the indulgence of fried chicken.

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