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    February 1, 2017

    Remember Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ guy? He’s defected to Huawei

    justin long huawei advert

    Justin Long – the face of Apple in the company’s ‘I’m a Mac’ adverts – has officially become Huawei’s latest brand spokesman.

    One of Apple’s most iconic branding campaigns was the iconic ‘Get a Mac’ or ‘I’m a Mac’ series of television advertisements which starred John Kellogg Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac.

    In the advertisements, Hodgman and Long – in their respective roles – trade barbs over which desktop operating system is superior, running through gags such as Windows Vista’s tendency to freeze or other humourous quips. Take a look at the playlist below if you’re not immediately familiar:

    Now, Long – who for four years represented the ‘face’ of the Mac – has joined one of Apple’s largest competitors – Huawei – has the Chinese brand begins its assault on the US.

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    Justin Long himself hasn’t appeared in an Apple advertisement since 2009, though that didn’t stop Huawei from approaching him to star in a new advertisement punting the Mate 9 – the latest handset from the company to make landfall in the US.

    Jessica Grizzel, the Group Director of Blast Radius – the agency behind the campaign – cited that Long’s relationship with Apple was “key when we considered (him) as a possible partner for Huawei”.

    The first advertisement to flight as part of the campaign features Long seated across from a Mate 9, listing his own qualifications to direct the product’s newest commercial.

    “I have a ton of experience in tech… Have I ever directed anything? No. Do I have a director‘s outfit? A scarf, a hat and a vest? Yes”, Long says in the spot.

    The advertisement rings off by Long addressing the Mate 9 by quipping that “You‘re smart, you‘re efficient, you can go two days without needing a charge. That is what I call impressive”, to which the phone runs a video of fireworks – indicating Long’s successful application.

    The video highlights Huawei’s determination to capture the US market – the company has already revealed several devices under the Huawei and Honor badges, and recently opted to include Amazon’s Alexa as its onboard AI assistant rather than Google Assistant.

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