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    March 18, 2014

    Is YouTube building a ‘kids only’ version?

    The latest rumour doing the rounds will have most parents jumping for joy. According to reports by The Information, the world‘s leading video streaming service, YouTube, has started working on a new project: a “˜kids only‘ version of YouTube.

    That‘s right, parents might soon be able to rest assured when their kids climb on the internet as they will know that their children are only able to see age appropriate content.

    The report indicates that the company is focusing on a target market of kids aged 10 years and younger for the more “˜junior‘ version of YouTube. Apparently, The Information spoke to three individuals who have been briefed on the project. 

    So what exactly will “˜YouTube Junior‘ entail? well, just like most kids-friendly media, the content on this version of YouTube will be specifically tailored to accommodate for kids 10 years and younger.

    This, of course, means no excessively violent, offensive or racy videos. They will also target the comments – no abusive, offensive or demeaning comments will be allowed on the site.

    In essence, the site should be age appropriate and get the stamp of approval from parents.

    The idea behind “˜YouTube Junior‘ might ring a bell somewhere – and that is because YouTube already has similar functionality in place.

    The site already features a “˜safety mode‘, which allows for content filtering. By using this function, parents can filter content, and, spare their kids‘ eyes from more adult material.

    YouTube also offers YouTube EDU; a specific, tailored version of YouTube designed for schools that only features educational videos.

    However, while both these functionalities work well, they have one common problem: ads. Unfortunately, both the “˜safety mode‘ and YouTube EDU do not have the ability to filter ads. This means that, occasionally, a PG-advertisement might pop-up before the video start playing (not that most of YouTube‘s ads are very offensive or racy, but some parents are very careful…)

    The mention of “˜YouTube Junior‘ has spiked the interest of film makers and video producers form different arenas, who will be willing to make specified, child-focused content for the project.

    While the rumour has flared up over the past few days, the project is not close to making it‘s debut any time soon. No official announcement has been made and no details on how it will eventually work has surfaced.

    However, some are speculating that it might be developed as a special app that can be used on television or any other device, that only caters for kiddie content.

    With the internet becoming a bigger (and darker) place every second, the idea of a kids only video streaming site seems like a really good idea. It will also give parents a break, as they will be able to trust that their kids only get exposed to kiddie stuff.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think its a good idea or waste of time?

    Source: The Next Web

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