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    July 3, 2012

    Is the iPhone 5 launching early, in August?

    The newest Apple device might be around sooner than previously thought. Breaking its trends the last couple of years, Apple may plan to launch the new iPhone outside its usual launch window. Previously thought to launch in September or October, sources now claim that the device will be available from the end of August.

    Foxconn is manufacturing the latest chipsets for the iPhone, and CEO Terry Gou told shareholders that the new iPhone “œwill put the Galaxy S3 to shame“. He did not exactly cite the reasons why, but he did explain why he feels Apple have a competitive advantage. According to Gou, a major reason will be because of Apple‘s deal with Sharp to supply screens for future devices of the Californian tech giant. “œThis arrangement and the access it provides to innovative, game-changing screen technology will give Foxconn and Apple a three-year lead over Samsung“, Gou claims.

    Sources, cited by sina.com, also claim to have some bad news surrounding the global mobile sensation. Comments from an analyst, Brian White, found their way to Apple Insider, claiming that there may be manufacturing problems affecting the battery that is meant to be installed in the newest iPhone. Apparently, only about 30 per cent of the batteries passed their rigorous tests, but all efforts are being made to ensure the launch is made as scheduled.

    Source: Uswitch

    Listen in to our latest podcast!