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    February 28, 2014

    Investigators meet with Apple US about Oscar Pistorius’ iPhone

    As Oscar Pistorius‘ trial date draws closer and closer, investigators have finally secured a meeting with Apple in California, to help them unlock Pistorius‘ locked iPhone.

    According to FOX news, investigators met with Apple at the headquarters in California yesterday, in an attempt to retrieve more evidence from Oscar‘s iPhone.

    Since last year, investigators have had somewhat of a headache with the locked iPhone. Oscar, of course, said that he could not remember the passcode to unlock his iPhone – thus the locked phone has been with investigators ever since, where they have tried numerous times to by-pass the security code.

    However, unlocking the phone proved more difficult than initially thought, and investigators had to secure help from Apple officials in California.

    With Oscar‘s trial starting on Monday, time is of the essence for the investigators and the Apple team in the US. This leaves them with a mere four days to unlock the phone and analyze any data or incriminating evidence found on the phone.

    Oscar‘s trial is set to be make use of many high-tech devices (and not only in an attempt to unlock his iPhone).

    On Tuesday, it was ruled that Oscar‘s trial may be broadcast by different media houses. However, only certain parts will be broadcast and witnesses who object to being filmed won‘t be.

    During the trial, many high tech cameras and broadcast equipment will be used to make the broadcast as unobtrusive as possible. No film lights or flash photography will be allowed either.

    Because this trial is taking place in the digital age, where Twitter will be the number one source  of information from the trial, Oscar‘s PR team has set up a new Twitter account which will bring “˜facts and truth‘ to it‘ followers.

    @OscarHardTruth will be managed by Oscar‘s PR team during the trial and, according to them, tweet the latest “˜hard truths‘ concerning Oscar and the trial. The account is also linked to Oscar‘s website.

    As we have reported before, DStv will also be running a round-the-clock channel, solely focused on the trial. The channel, which runs in conjunction with Carte Blanche, will feature in-depth interviews with experts, lawyers and analysts as well as focusing on the trial itself.

    Only time will tell whether or not Apple will be able to assist investigators in unlocking, and retrieving, data off Oscar‘s iPhone.  And whether or not this data will strengthen the prosecution‘s case will also remain to be seen.

    What are your thoughts on Oscar‘s iPhone? Do you think the data off the phone will reveal critical information or is it a waste of time?

    Source: FOX News

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Alexis_Zenios

      You only “forget the code” if you have something to hide.
      Why didnt standard password recovery to email work in this case?

    • Cheradenine Zakalwe

      I don think apple wants to help these here.
      If they do Apple products will go BlackBery, if I remember well they tanked after the British crackdown where the pollice were able to get data on protests.
      As far as I see things Oscar case is small ish in the pond relative to risking an American company.