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    February 13, 2012

    Instagram upgrade introduces new feature ‘Lux’

    For all iPhone users, Instagram has just received a 2.1 upgrade that offers a brand new filter that is going to make your pictures on the social networking service look even better as well as a user interface makeover.

    The new, and very useful, feature is called Lux and is for users who have taken pictures that appear too dark in some areas. Lux acts as a light that you can ‘shine’ on your picture’s darker areas so you can actually see the parts of the picture that lie in shadow. Lux is like HDR that you can apply after the picture‘s been taken and can further enhance a great image. So, if you have ever taken a photograph using your iPhone that unintentionally results in the subject’s face or part of the background being left in the dark, Lux will now solve this problem for you so no picture is wasted.

    Another change with the update is the user interface where the home screen‘s navigation icons no longer have labels and in their place is a selection of large and clean stylized icons. Some users may find this change tricky as you won’t know exactly what will happen when you tap one of the buttons. However, it is a quick and easy change to adjust to.

    Notifications have also been  improved by taking you directly to the photo, comment or profile once it has been clicked.

    Lux brings a whole new dimension to the app for iPhone which has attracted a network of users consisting of 15 million photo enthusiasts and people who just want to have fun with their iPhone cameras to date.

    In addition to Lux, Instagram has added another feature, a filter called Sierra, that makes the yellow colouring in the photo more defined, giving users another choice of aged-photo features to add to the already extensive collection.

    You can download Instagram from the iTunes Appstore.

    Sources: Mashable, Venture Beat

    Listen in to our latest podcast!