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    May 10, 2012

    Instagram for Android gets popular Tilt-Shift feature

    Instagram’s popular tilt-shift feature has now been added to the photo sharing service for Android, five weeks after its arrival.

    When Instagram for Android was launched in early April, among the many features available, tilt-shift was not included, remaining only on the iPhone version of the app.

    The popular feature allows users to focus on a specific area of a photo while the rest remains out of focus, creating a miniature effect.

    “œTilt-shift within mobile photography applications is often the process of selective focus in order to simulate a miniature scene, also known as miniature faking,“ Instagram said in an official blog post.

    “œSelective focus can also be used to give the appearance of a shallow depth of field (DoF), or placing the focus on a subject in the background while blurring out the foreground and vice versa.“

    The blog post also included tips on how to maximise the feature, explaining what the feature is and how it works with step-by-step instructions.

    The inclusion of the feature came with the roll-out of the Instagram Android version 1.1.0 update that is now available to download in the Google Play Store.

    Source: Mashable

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