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    January 30, 2012

    Inside the Design Guru Offices, Cape Town

    Design Guru is a design & development agency based in Somerset West, Cape Town. It was founded by Creative Director/CEO Jorge Brunner in 2007, and has grown from a single employee to a fully functioning team of 12. This group of talented individuals consists of a creative team of designers, a development team as well as a managerial team. Each of their creative staff offer an array of dynamic solutions and are prepared to work side by side with their clients to ensure that their visions are met. The team creates digital designs that engage their client base and evolve their brand communication. Some clients that have been acquired thus far include; PlayboySA, Riaan Manser, Triggerfish, Andrew Neethling, Hidden Pixel and GraySwan just to name a few.

    In order to carry out these tasks, Design Guru finds itself comfortably situated within the CBD of Somerset West. The agency located within the Fairview Centre, has an eclectic mix of industrial rawness and clean modern surfaces. The exposed industrial sections create linear perspectives that compliment the clean white and black walls with a quirky juxtaposition. Wall art pieces, hints of vibrant colour and a closed off brainstorming and relaxation area ensure that the  environment has an inspiring and creative feel.

    The open-plan office consists of three main sections: the entrance to reception where clients are welcomed and introduced, the main meeting room that doubles as a photographic area, and the team‘s designated work area complete with a recreational section with couches, a foosball table and design inspiration magazines and books. The work area ensures that the Design Guru  team has an efficient environment to tackle the selection of tasks delegated and also a comfortable space to unwind and recharge the creative mind.

    BandwidthBlog loves the iconic Banksy image on the door and splashes of bright colour.

    Thanks to Design Guru for providing the photographs.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Campkillyourself

      Wow. Those are some badly exposed photographs.

    • James Mac

      Not over exposed at all. If any, looks intentional.  
      slow shutter  really bring out the colours. Nicely done.  

      amazing creative work space 

    • Foo

      I like how the photographer took all the photographs at an angle.

    • Simon Davidson

      Very cool looking offices!