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    January 4, 2012

    Inside Red Bull Offices, Cape Town

    From The Red Bull Offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, its now time to offer up an extraordinary Red Bull space from South Africa. The Red Bull offices based in Cape Town were designed and created by local architecture firm COA who stated that the “office is an open, creative hub where all employees, athletes, artists, photographers, designers, DJs, musicians, producers, agencies, brand partners, journalists and Red Bull visitors are made welcome and want to hang out in.”

    The graphic wallpaper, mixture of colours and textures, creative use of lighting, furniture and open spaces reflects Red Bull’s extreme, entertaining and ‘zest for life’ image.

    Source: Stephen Searer for Office Snap Shots


    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Grant

      Nice one Miss Levinsohn

    • What an awesome design and feel! Looks great. I bags the double couch! 

    • Kelly Levinsohn

      Glad you’re enjoying the pictures – Thanks to Office Snapshots for providing great images of a local company!

    • Sean Twomey

      Thanks for sharing. A seriously awesome workspace! Having said that, I can see that pillar in image 3 being a problem with the run up to that epic mini quarter pipe. 

      • Charl Norman


    • Thando Vuzane

      Wow, great offices indeed! I’d love to work there, yoh!