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    December 16, 2011

    Incredible Connection says tablets will be the technology festive gift of choice

    According to Dave Miller Incredible Connection CEO, Tablets in general and the Amazon Kindle in particular will be the hottest seller this festive season.

    Tablets in general and the Amazon Kindle in particular will be the hottest technology seller during the 2011 festive season, followed by “œultrabooks“, and gaming equipment. This is according to Dave Miller Incredible Connection CEO.

    Miller continues,  “In the past several years, the changes on the technology and device front have been incremental. The iPad changed the game by popularising the tablet format. In South Africa, Incredible Connection was granted the exclusive right to sell Amazon Kindle e-readers in a retail environment. Now, tablets are the fashion item of 2011 and the ideal gift for the festive season.”

    Another step-change in the device arena was the introduction of the Ultrabooks, the first of which was the Macbook Air. Ultrabooks are an ultrathin machine with the portability of a netbook and the advanced functionality of a notebook. Other notebook manufacturers are racing into this space, by bringing models to market that are less than 20mm thick, have no optical drive, use a solid state drive (SSD) for all storage, use a core i5, i7 processor, weigh less than 1.4kg, yield up to eight hours of battery life, and are at the low end in terms of price.

    Most of the new models are available globally and Incredible Connection currently stocks the Macbook Air, the Asus Ultrabook and the Samsung 9 Series and Intel predicts that these will carve out a new space in the netbook and notebook market in time to come.

    The trend towards convenience and portability will see both tablets and ultrabooks dominating consumer technology spend for the foreseeable future, but they will serve slightly different purposes,” says Miller. “While Tablets are seen to be personal devices because they‘re superb for easy access to news, internet, books, movies, music, and social networking they are not as functional to use when you are required to work on large spreadsheets or slide presentations, large volumes of email and other traditional uses of notebooks.

    Ultrabooks will be used rather more for work, although they will give users access to a high level of entertainment. In the end, the real difference is price and functionality. An entry level tablet costs around R2,000 whereas an entry level Ultrabook currently will be in the order of R8,000″. However, this cost will come down as the technology adoption rate increases and cost of manufacturing decreases.

    To meet a growing consumer need for simplification of the acquisition of technology, Incredible Connection will be offering a number of products and data bundles.

    “œWith a 16 Gig, 3G WiFi iPad 2, for instance, they are providing a 500meg data bundle and the Ipad for only R379 per month for 24 months. “So you‘d be paying only R379 a month for world‘s most acclaimed tablet and the ability to download more data than you can easily use,” explains Miller.

    Incredible Connection‘s focus on helping shoppers get the most out of the technology they need extends to ensuring that they are given instore advice  from only experienced specialists in the areas of hardware, digital audio and sound, and gaming. The retailer also offers a fourteen day returns policy. Because every store is on a nationwide system, items bought at one store can be repaired, and, if necessary, exchanged at another.

    Incredible Connection also provides a 10-day guarantee time on repair, and if it is not repaired within that time frame customers can elect to receive a new one or their money back. In addition, one of the services Incredible Connection offers which no-one else is doing, is the ability to set up their new computer, notebook or netbook bought at one of its stores, so that the item is “œready to use“ as soon as you step out of the store.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!