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    January 3, 2012

    Google Pulls Unofficial Siri for Android App

    Just a few hours after it was revealed that Google had made available the official Siri for Android app on the Android Market, the search giant has not only pulled the app but has also removed all apps by controversial app developer “œOfficial App“.

    If Android device users search for the application, while a number of Siri clones and third party solutions may appear, the search results for Siri for Android can no longer be found. The developer‘s other app “Pinterest”,  a mobile wrapper for Pinterest‘s own website, has also been removed from the listings.

    It was reported that an official Siri port for Android called ‘Siri for Android’ had been launched on the Android Market place on the 28th December. The Android app had launched using Apple’s very own Siri icon to function as a shortcut to Android’s version. Google’s lack of attention to and check-ups of its marketplace, allows developers such as “Official App” to launch copyright/trademark infringing applications in minutes by not having to contend with application approvals.

    Since Google’s removal of the developer’s account, the app has also become unavailable. By using the developer name, Android Market users could be fooled into thinking that the app was an official port, rather than the creator of the app itself.

    It is clear from this occurrence that Google faces issues with its open marketplace but the speed with which the developer’s account and its apps was removed shows that Google are beginning to pay more attention to fake and misleading apps claiming to be “official”.

    Source: The Next Web

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