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    April 29, 2013

    Google Now comes to iPhone and iPad

    We have seen a leaked promo video in the past, and now it has finally been made official. Google Now is available on iOS, compatible with iPhone and iPad. We first saw it with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but it is now available to the hordes of iOS users.


    It looks like the app looks and feels exactly the same on both platforms, which was always a question hanging around the launch of the app. It seems that Google have started to develop some nicely-designed apps on iOS.

    On iOS, the biggest difference with Google Now in comparison to the Android version is that the Google Search app can of course not be launched with a system-wide shortcut (unless you jailbreak your device). The background sync is also now possible as found on Android (but is on its way according to Google), which means that it will take a bit longer to fully understand where you are on iOS as it will need to figure that out when you open the app.

    Another difference is that it will only be able to pull information from Google Calendar, and not all local calendars. Unfortunately, the notifications will work a bit differently to what we see on Android as well.

    Nonetheless, we urge all iOS users to give it a try. It is simply one of the most useful apps you will ever find, and is extremely fast. Go to your Google Search app in iTunes, and update it. NOW (sorry)!

    Source: iTunes

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Jaco van der Walt

      Great little addition to the Google app. Unfortunately the real power in Google Now lies in the “Now” part. I would like to see these “cards” when I wake my screen. You know, on the go information. Don’t think that’s going to happen soon. Apple won’t let Google get close to their OS software. But still, quite a handy app!

    • Drains the battery too quickly with no apparent way of stopping this other than turning off location services for everything. Uninstalled.

      • Exact same issue. Other issue – does not integrate with iPhone calendar, so Exchange account calendar does not show.