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    June 21, 2012

    Google Nexus Tablet to launch at Google I/O

    For those that are wondering, Google I/O is an annual developer-focused conference held by Google in San Francisco, California (akin to Apple‘s WWDC). For a couple of years now, attention has been on the Google event with anticipation of a Nexus tablet rumoured for launch. The rumours were untrue for the two most recent conferences. But they are back, and stronger than ever. The difference this year is that the rumours are a lot more specific, lending them much more credibility.

    Nexus devices always blow up a storm because they are regarded as the best experience and greatest performance Android can offer. This is because, as I have mentioned before, Google designs and builds the entire device, hardware and software, in conjunction with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). This makes the integration of the hardware and software much better than when Google provides the software to a company and they build the device and stick the software on it themselves, in the best way they can.

    It has been reported before that the newest Nexus device will be built in conjunction with Asus. This is great news, as the Asus Transformer Prime is most likely the best Android has to offer in the tablet environment at present. What is different from previous Nexus devices is that it will not be a top of the line flagship device like all Nexus phones that have come before it, but will cost a mere $199. So, it will definitely target the people new to the tablet environment or the bargain hunters.

    And what an introduction it would be to have your first tablet be a Nexus device. We have no specs as of yet, but they are rumoured to be very competitive with that of the iPad. For that price, I think it‘s a brilliant proposition if it is true. Further details from “œupstream component makers“ detail that the tablet will be Wi-Fi only (which is a bummer for the SA public) and have a single, front-facing camera to be used for video calls. Although you sacrifice 3G connectivity, it‘s still great for that price tag.

    Possibly named the Nexus 7, it is said to be announced at Google I/O at the end of the month. A July shipping date and global availability is still being rumoured, but I‘m not sure that holds true for most developing countries that rely heavily on 3G connectivity.

    With all the recent attention going to the new Microsoft Surface tablet this week, the Nexus tablet could really make the game so much more difficult for the software giant. We don‘t know about pricing on the Surface, but it will be a top of the range model. That means they won‘t be competing directly, but it is likely that a lot of people would rather go for the tried and tested Android platform with the added benefit of “œNexus“ attached to it at a cheaper price.

    What do you think of the rumoured Nexus tablet? Would you consider buying it?

    Source: DigitalTrends

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • VaughanLund

      With Microsoft’s Surface tablet launch, it’s now a two horse race between Apple and Microsoft in the tablet space.
      Wonder what Google is going to pull out of the hat to try get back.

      Have a Samsung Tablet, don’t like it, but really love my iPad. Will definately be getting myself a Windows 8 Pro tablet. Will stick to Android on my phone.