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    March 30, 2012

    Google Maps now includes real-time traffic data

    Google Maps has now added the ability for users to plan the quickest, and most accurate, route and time to their destination by including real-time traffic data.

    The new-and-improved feature offers estimated travel times within Google Maps based on current traffic conditions. So, if you’re planning a specific route to reach an appointment you‘ll be able to see how long several routes might take with no traffic, as well as how long the journey might take based on the traffic conditions right now.

    Traffic data is refreshed constantly, where available, so the latest travel information is provided.

    While Google has previously offered traffic data, this is the very first time it has been included in route mapping and directions.

    a Google spokesperson said that “That [previous traffic] feature was removed because we wanted to improve the freshness of the data. The feature that we‘re introducing on Google Maps today works differently and serves a different purpose. The new time-in-traffic feature provides users with the ability to check current traffic conditions and estimates the length of travel time based on constantly refreshed data.”

    Data is gathered through third-party services and through information from Android users who have opted in to the My Location feature on Google Maps. As a result, Google will be able to tell, for example, if there were several Android owners moving slowly on the highway and determine that there was traffic slowing them down. The more people opting into the service in the area, the better availability of traffic information there will be.

    Unfortunately traffic data is not yet available for South Africa.

    Source: Mashable

    Listen in to our latest podcast!