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    December 1, 2015

    Google attracts Tesla talent for its self-driving car

    It would seem the race to produce a self-driving car just got significantly hotter, as Google has now hired Tesla’s former autopilot engineering manager.

    The company, which has been testing its self-driving cars in the US, continues to work towards producing such a vehicle – even as tech industry giants such as Apple have set their goals on producing a self-driving vehicle as well.

    Tesla’s former autopilot engineering manager, Robert Rose, is among the latest names to join Google’s production team. Formerly, Rose has worked as a software engineer for SpaceX before moving to Tesla.

    Rose has further overseen the launch of Tesla’s autopilot and auto-steering functions, which officially went live this October.

    The news confirms that Rose will now be working as a software engineer for Google Robotics – the division of Alphabet that is working towards the production of a self-driving car.

    Earlier this year, news broke that Apple had begun attracting industry talent to work on the team dedicated to building the Cupertino company’s first self-driving car, and subsequently, first entry into their automobile market.

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!