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    May 10, 2012

    Create, share and discover global events with local startup Whenpages

    Pretoria based global events startup Whenpages has launched today in public beta version, as of 8am this morning.

    Whenpages is a global time based platform for creating, sharing and discovering events in the past present and future. The site aims to publicise (live or recorded) events around the world and focuses on user-generated content that can then be shared on leading social networks like Facebook and Twitter for additional exposure and reach.

    While anyone can create an event for free, primary content contributors include artists, event planners, venue owners and marketing and PR companies who can choose from a selection of 18 categories in which to place their content.

    Whenpages founder Tendai Joe, a prolific social media user and consultant says of the motivation behind Whenpages that “œI wanted to develop an events site that would take people off their computers and mobile phones and into real meet-ups.“ Originally Tendai wanted to buy the domain when.com but when he discovered that it had already been taken, he came upon whenpages.com. “œI then had the challenge of coming up with a concept that would work for that name and the creative process started“, adds Tendai.

    Tendai noticed a gap in the market having officially endorsed and covered a number of events in real time for Vodacom, The Gautrain and The Nelson Mandela Foundation to name a few.

    While Whenpages‘s timeline function lets users post past events to indicate milestones and major events from the time a small business was founded or an individual established, Whenpages focuses on the present and future, informing users of current and upcoming events. To facilitate with this focus, is the site‘s live blogging feature. This unique feature ensures that users can engage with an event in real-time, as it happens. This can include a conference, party, live musical performance or sports match.

    This is how it works: when someone creates a live blog, they can plug it into their websites and blogs, creating a live conversation around an event. These conversations are created before, during and after a viewing to create a connection and buzz between those involved in the event. The live blogs also have share options, making it easy for anyone to follow them on social networks.

    Another feature available on the platform is the Checkin and Checkout feature which allows users to apply the “œPasserby-witness-concept“ where you do not need to “˜friend‘ or “˜follow‘ someone to participate in their conversation. Once you Checkin to a conversation, you can comment on it and have it appear in your stream and as soon as you are no longer interested can simply Checkout.

    The process of uploading or discovering events on Whenpages involves a simple six step process with a friendly user-interface. Once you have registered using the simple registration process and created a profile page with photo and wall that streams recent activity, events and recent pages, you gain access into the live blogging feature, events, other users and recommended events for you.

    Whenpages also offers a simple analytics function so that event creators can access pageview stats and more.

    As for future developments, Whenpages is looking into integrating the live blog function with event creation which will automatically generate a live blog with every event uploaded, that just needs  to be activated. The platform will also be focusing on the mobile site as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android and cross platforms.

    Visit Whenpages on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!