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    January 8, 2013

    General Motors introduces API and SDK for new in-vehicle app platform

    Following the introduction of Ford’s new AppLink API that allows mobile apps to “talk” to cars, General Motors (GM) has today also introduced its very own API and SDK that will allow developers to create apps for the in-vehicle app platform. The apps created are then hosted in the infotainment system of GM vehicles rather than accessed by linking to the driver’s mobile phone.

    So far, launch partners of this new development include iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Slacker and The Weather Channel.

    The press release states that:

    General Motors is announcing a new flexible application framework at the Consumer Electronics Show that will allow drivers to add apps and features to their vehicle after the initial purchase, allowing vehicle infotainment systems to improve over time.

    The framework enables new set of vehicle application programming interfaces, or APIs, for developers, allowing them to interact with and build upon the infotainment systems in GM vehicles.

    The SDK will be provided through an online portal allowing developers to work in a secure and controlled environment.

    GM Chief Infotainment Officer Phil Abram said that “We have designed our SDK so that developers only have to write the software code once to address the entire population of vehicles and end users. Developers can repurpose existing tools and code from existing projects as long as they‘re consistent with applicable licenses. Our app policies will also provide flexibility in how developers can design commercial aspects of their apps as well.”

    While 2014 models will be receiving the new feature, it is still unknown which specific vehicles are included.

    Source: Tech Crunch 

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