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    August 29, 2012

    Galaxy S3 confirmed in 4 new colours

    Amidst all the drama lately in the Apple vs. Samsung trials there has quietly been rumours surfacing of the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming in black or grey. It is no longer speculation, with the device officially confirmed on Tuesday, 28 August in brown, red, black and grey.

    “œAmber Brown“, “œGarnet Red“, “œSapphire Black“ and “œTitanium Grey“ are what Samsung is calling the different colours, and they are apparently “œderived from man‘s relationship with natural materials and perfectly compliment the handset‘s organic experience“. Whatever that‘s supposed to mean“¦

    No news has reached our ears about when exactly which colours will be available and whether all of them will be available worldwide. Some think certain colours might be region specific.

    Along with the black above, check out the other three colours below, and let us know what you think about them. Would you like a Galaxy S3 in one of these colours?

    Source: TheNextWeb

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Ben


    • zaynie

      Dont be surprised apple opens a lawsuit cause Samsung S3 phones come in black now…

    • gasguy

      Breaking news, read all about it, we interrupt this program, news flash. Worlds most high tech product now available in brown.

      • At least there are more options than just black or white. The brown actually looks quite nice. I, for one, welcome more color in the phone market.

    • Kassie

      Still looks cheap compared to iphone

      • Syth

        Lol, Apple users goes for “the image” yeah, forget that it is currently the most advanced and capable smartphone on the market 🙂

    • Faith

      Apple fans and iTards.. bitter yet? The red S3 case looks classy, though.
      ICI 4 DMA a web developer

    • sipho tsotetsi

      Brown colour looks more classy,professional and unique.

    • Chris

      Its been 3 months now and Samsung informed me they only have the currently available 2 colours. Do you have more info?

    • Bl1zz4rd

      Anyone know when these colors (especially black) are coming to SA?