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    May 11, 2012

    Facebook rolls-out file sharing feature for groups

    In a Mashable exclusive, the site has reported that Facebook will enable groups to share files which will initially roll-out to a small percentage of groups on Thursday.

    The feature, will then become available to all groups over the next few days and if you don’t have it yet, the social network has said that you will have it “soon”.

    A spokesperson for Facebook said that with 380 million people using Facebook Groups, a file sharing feature was one of the most popular requests among users.

    Users with access to the new feature will be able to share files up to 25MB. However, there are a few exceptions including music files and executable files. With the the same file size limit as Gmail, Facebook will allow the sharing of music videos, e-books and small movies.

    To avoid the spread of copyrighted or malicious content, the spokesperson said that as with other content of that nature, users will be able to report files too.

    In October 2010, Facebook acquired file sharing service drop.io where users could simply upload a file, create a “œdrop“ with links to files and share it without having to actually register with the service.

    Facebook just recently introduced another feature called ‘action links’ that lets users interact with Timeline apps directly from the site.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!