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    January 26, 2017

    Facebook announces that ads are headed to Messenger

    Facebook Messenger ads

    Facebook has confirmed that from today, users in certain territories will begin seeing sponsored ads appear in their Messenger home screen.

    Another week, more advertising news you didn’t want to hear: Facebook has officially confirmed that Messenger users will, from today, see targeted advertisements in their messenger home screen.

    Facebook has offered that the ads will be positioned at both consumers and businesses registered on Messenger, and won’t show at a conversation level should a user not have clicked on an ad experience from the Messenger home screen.

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    Users in Australia and Thailand will be the first territories in which ads are rolled out, and will be the first countries in which businesses will be given the chance to place targeted ads on the service.

    In an interesting twist, Facebook has “blamed” businesses for the decision to roll out ads on the service, claiming it has been informed by numerous firms that Messenger could be a lynchpin to  “œdrive sales, build brand awareness and increase customers satisfaction.“

    As with conventional advertisements found within Facebook, users will be able to hide irrelevant ads on the service and furthermore report content they find questionable. As such, businesses won’t be able to contact users directly unless users interact with an advert first.

    Facebook has clarified that it hopes to evaluate feedback from users in participating territories so that it can roll out the feature globally in the coming months.

    The news could be a worrying indication that similar changes could soon head to WhatsApp, as changes to the chat app’s terms and conditions of use last year revealed that bots and businesses could soon develop profiles on the service.

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    What are your thoughts on the arrival of advertisements on Messenger? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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