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    October 25, 2012

    Exclusive: SAcamera sells to Naspers

    Jesse Hemson-Struthers – SAcamera, BetTech

    In a Bandwidth Blog exclusive, it has been  confirmed that independent  online retailer SAcamera, that sells photographic equipment and accessories has been acquired by MIH Internet Africa, a subsidiary of Naspers Ltd.

    MIH will be integrating SAcamera into its very own e-commerce site Kalahari.com. As a seller of books, movies, games and electronics, SAcamera will retain its own identity as part of South Africa‘s biggest online store as the specialist photographic equipment and accessories partner.

    Jesse Hemson-Struthers, who established SAcamera in 2004, said the deal would see the business benefit from the infrastructure and resources of MIH in continuing its growth. “œThe appetite for online retailing in South Africa, and for quality products backed up by efficient service at the right price, has grown, and continues to grow significantly,” says Hemson-Struthers.

    Hemson-Struthers added that the management team of SAcamera.co.za would remain in place. He added that “Aligning with MIH and Kalahari.com is already contributing to the growth of SAcamera. We are actually expanding our team to cope with the surge in demand over the past year and we expect the relationship to continue yielding positive results for both SAcamera and Kalahari.com”

    The acquisition price was not disclosed.

    Jesse is also the Co-Founder of BetTech Gaming, a cloud sports betting platform provider that powers many book makers online sports betting ambitions like local player – Bet.co.za. Jesse noted that he welcomed the SAcamera acquisition which would allow him to focus more of his time on his sports betting company.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • GregB

      Naspers is really betting the house on ecommerce. Well done to Jesse, this is great for our industry and driving VC investments. Although, the target company for entrepreneur exits are few – the few are acquiring.

      • Awesome work, well done, and a big win for tech entrepreneurship in SA!

    • Does this mean Media24 will stop shopping at Orms?

      • Charl Norman


    • Jason Akai

      What other businesses are the Naspers group interested in?

    • Amanda

      Jesse I think you should be sharing the story of SACamera with graduates out there desperately looking for jobs – it would inspire them to create their own. I also think your story is inspiring on a personal level. When I think back to meeting you as a teenage rebel too busy dreaming up grand schemes to want to bother with school, and look at you now! Go gett’em.

    • Aaron Anderson

      Well, that worked out well. Not. SA Camera shutdown already. Hmmmm only a year, and they killed a business that had been running for many years prior. Well done.