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    November 5, 2015

    Microsoft opens Cortana for iOS beta testing

    If you own an iDevice and happen to fancy the idea of using Microsoft’s Cortana over Siri, you happen to be luck. As of today, Microsoft begin dispatching preview versions of the Cortana for iOS app to beta testers.

    According to a new report, some respondents to a survey Microsoft sent to Insiders inquiring about their interest in Cortana for iOS will crevice a download link via email ‘in coming weeks.’

    Users, however, must be located in the US to receive beta testing eligibility. Cortana for iOS was originally slated to arrive before year end; indicating that development of the digital assistant might be behind schedule.

    iOS users who endeavor to use Cortana can look forward to features such as the ability to search for static information (such as a friends’ contact number or phone number) or task automation, such as initiating an email to a contact.

    As Cortana for iOS won’t be integrated into the operating system in the same way the digital assistant operates on Windows, it remains to be seen what capabilities and limitations Cortana brings following its port over to both iOS and Android.

    What are your thoughts on Cortana? Would you use Cortana on an Android or iOS device? Let us know in the comments below!

    Listen in to our latest podcast!