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    September 6, 2013

    Building brand experience with motion sensor tech

    CLEAR Shampoo‘s new tech-savvy Claw Machine, developed with motion sensor technology in an effort to build brand experience for consumers, will be touring South Africa in the coming months.

    South Africans will have the opportunity to experience this customised machine and win prizes by controlling the CLEAR Claw using hand gestures rather than having to manually operate a traditional joystick.

    The Clear Claw was built using a 3D Kinect-like sensor (ASUS Xtion PRO Live) that translates your personal movement in space to 3D coordinates a computer program can understand. The C++ application interprets these coordinates and sends messages via an Arduino micro-controller to move the claw in various directions and to trigger the downward grab.

    According to Wesley Swanepoel of Wezside, the developer of the software who worked closely with CLEAR‘s digital agency, Cow Africa to fully realise the sensor integration, “œFeedback for the player is essential so we built a custom LED control panel to show what your movements are doing. In addition to the control panel we built an HTML5 Smart Console web app accessible via mobile phone for the promoter. This helps with set-up, testing and general status.“

    Rather than using a traditional coin slot, the reconditioned machine uses Facebook credits to operate. To add a credit, players simply have to Like the Clear South Africa Facebook page on their mobile phones.

    The hexagon-shaped prize boxes, inspired by the anti-dandruff molecules used in CLEAR, contain various items, from store vouchers to CLEAR Shampoo Samples.

    The CLEAR Claw machine will be making its way to the University of Cape Town on 11th and 12th September, followed by the University of Stellenbosch on 17th and 18th September.

    To see the machine in action, watch the video below:

    Listen in to our latest podcast!