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    October 22, 2014

    City of Cape Town unveils new transport app

    Cape Town is proving, once again, why it is one of the best cities in the world – no offense to Northerners!

    The mother of the Mother City, Mayor Patricia de Lille, unveiled a new transport app designed specifically for Cape Town on Monday, which looks to make traveling through Cape Town as easy as finding the mountain.

    The Transport for Cape Town app – or TCT for short – is aimed at making traveling, through public or private transport, easy and accessible for both locals and tourists. De Lille billed the app as the “œfirst of its kind in Africa“, but we have seen similar apps in the past year – like this one. Nevertheless, the app still looks great and will definitely (hopefully) improve traveling in and around Cape Town.

    The app has two main functions. The first being a “˜journey planning‘ feature which essentially enables the user to plan their trip, in detail, using the various feature and information provided by the app.

    One of these features include maps of all scheduled public transport services in Cape Town. These include the MyCiti bus service, Golden Arrow bus service, Metrorail, sight seeing busses and even the UCT Jammie Shuttle.

    The app will provide users with these service‘s individual routes, stops and the stations that they stop at. In addition, it will also recommend to users which mode of transport – be it bus or train – to take. Or even a combination of the two.

    It will also tell users where exactly they will find the closest station or stop in accordance to their current location, and will also give them directions on how to get there as well as the distance from where they are – all through GPS, of course. 

    Along with providing information on stops, stations and routes, the app also shows departure and estimated arrival times.

    If you‘re worried about costs, the app will also help you in that regard. It will be able to give you an estimated cost breakdown based on which services you use, as well as telling you how long your journey will (roughly) be.

    As for MyCiti bus users – the undoubted flagship bus service of Cape Town – the TCT app will show you where the closest MyConnect outlet is. As MyCiti users will know, MyConnect outlets offer a range of MyCiti services, including card sales, top up‘s and different packages.

    While these features make the TCT app an excellent tool for public transport, it is not limited to those using public modes of transport.

    For locals or tourists making use of private transport, the app can also help make your journey quicker. It will show you different route options and  also give you an estimated travel time.

    TCT app

    TCT App

    The app will also notify you of any traffic issues such as roadworks, accidents and delays.

    Which brings us to yet another great function of the app. Users can report or submit traffic issues through the app directly to the City.  This means that you as a user can notify the City of any accidents, traffic delays, potholes and even bad driving behaviour.

    These reports go directly to the City of Cape Town. The exact location of the issue will also be sent to them through the GPS and, if you wish, you can also attach a photo of said issue.

    The TCT app truly looks like an innovation that will transform the way we travel in the Mother City. A great initiative that will be applauded by many.

    The TCT app is free to download for Android and BlackBerry* as well as Windows Phone and iOS*.

    *At the time of writing the app was not yet available in the App Store for iOS or BlackBerry, but should be available within the next 24 hours.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • The app is so buggy its scary. Requires a PIN sent to your phone via SMS to activate. Took 5 PIN resends before it recognized me. Email function not working. Needs more work.

      • Derek

        I also had the same problem. Took about 6 attempts.
        Also tried a route from Bellville to Table View. It suggested getting a train to Elsies River then change to Golden Arrow to Canal Walk then another train to Esplanade then a My Citi bus to Bayside..

    • Julia

      Thanks for the update, Dwaine! That’s not good. Let’s hope they fix the bugs soon.

    • Paul

      Google maps has most of this functionality

      • Not quite true as of now. There are still certain transit routes that Google maps hasn’t covered/has no data about.

    • An impressive feature set if not simply put a comprehensive transit app. Impressed even without testing it.

    • SimonF.

      Looks like a great start. But seriously MyBB – photos of the app on a smartphone? Have you heard of screenshots?