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    December 2, 2016

    Apple files patents for a circular wearable, potentially a smartwatch

    circular apple watch

    A recent patent application filed by Apple with the USPTO reveals that the Cupertino company could be working on a circular wearable device.

    Ever since Apple first unveiled the Watch, we’ve been expecting the Cupertino company to update its form factor to a circular design frequented by many of its Android Wear competitors. Now, it seems that a circular Apple wearable might finally be on the cards.

    A new patent filed with the USPTO describes a circular smartwatch that is similar to the design found on some Android wear devices, including the Huawei Watch and the Gear S2 and S3.

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    The patent describes a display that would use pixel rows and columns of varying lengths so that no space is rendered unused.

    While it is possible that Apple could, in fact, be working on a circular version of its Apple Watch wearable for release a Series 3 product or a total re-imagining of the device itself, there are other possibilities.

    We caught wind of another ongoing Apple project earlier this year, which revealed that the Cupertino company is actively working on a second, non-smartwatch wearable device that is reportedly focussed on fitness.

    While the Apple Watch Series 2 improved on its predecessor’s fitness credentials, a second Apple wearable would reportedly focus as more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch.

    To that end, it is reported that Jay Blahnik – a renowned fitness instructor and coach – is heading up a special project at the company.

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    While not every patent filing indicates that a product is actively in the works, we’d look forward to seeing a circular Apple Watch. Listen in to Episode 28 of Bandwidth Blog On Air, where we took the Apple Watch and Gear S2 head-to-head:

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