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    October 20, 2016

    Cell C joins Telkom Mobile in zero-rating online academic material

    cell c zero-rate online academic material

    Cell C has announced that it will offer local university students free access to university and websites to facilitate easy access to academic materials.

    We reported yesterday that Telkom Mobile launched a new offering in which it would offer free access to online academic materials to subscribers with an enabled SIM card. Now, Cell C has followed suit and has announced its plans to zero-rate online academic material.

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    “œWe know students are facing a tough time at the moment, and many need to gain access to course material through their university‘s online portal in order to complete their academic year”, Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos said in a press statement. “Zero-rating access is our way of assisting students.“

    Cell C stated that it is in the process of contacting universities to establish a reverse bill on valid academic URLs; the network has stated that it will absorb the cost to enable students to access necessary academic content for free.

    Students wanting to access online materials would need to have an enabled Cell C SIM card. Dos Santos clarified that “œCell C will ensure that this service is available to students until the end of the academic year,“ which places the network in close competition with Telkom Mobile. Thus far, neither Vodacom or MTN have posed a rival offering.

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    What are your thoughts on mobile networks offering free access to online academic materials? Is this a precedent which should have existed long ago, or is it only necessary now that several campuses have been shut down? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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