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    July 17, 2013

    Cell C: Vodacom responsible for signal issues

    According to My Broadband, Cell C CEO Allan Knott-Craig has provided an explanation for the network provider’s infamous unreliable signal by holding rival network Vodacom responsible.

    Knott Craig told the publication that in fact, a roaming agreement with Vodacom lets subscribers connect to its network when they find themselves in an area out of Cell C coverage range when the coverage provided by Cell C towers decreases due to the increased number of users, and that the signal issues have been caused by “a lack of seamless handover”.

    While Cell C has attempted to resolve the problem, its persistence has pushed it to lodge a complaint against Vodacom with ICASA, Knott-Craig reveals.

    With a few more years on contract, terminating the agreement is not an option, with Cell C also currently relying too heavily on Vodacom’s network to connect subscribers.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Tums Down

      Cell C .. The power is in Vodacoms hands…

    • Ced

      In the meantime why don’t they start working on getting their own towers up? Unless they want to lose customers… Because there’s only so much that customers will tolerate…

    • harryjoemiller

      What rights do we have as consumers who diligently pay for services not delivered in line with expectations? Cell C has been a super big disappointment. I guess consumers need to become aware of misleading advertising and actually jointly take the service provider to task.

    • Wally

      I changed to Cellc in the middle of July. What a disappointment: calls dropped; calls failing; erratic signal strength (when I went to their branch to complain, even they did not have a signal!). In my own home I have only one spot of about a square meter where I (sometimes) can make successful calls from. I feel I have been cheated and that CellC is, in an unethical way, misleading customers. I do not believe that Vodacom is responsible for their signal problems in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

    • Brett

      I have constant signal but nothing on my phone works. Cant get onto facebook, instagram, or even google. Each message on whattsapp takes 5min to deliver. Anything requiring connectivity refuses to work. The reason i purchased a Samsung S4 was to get away from the problems with blackberry vodacom and now i have even more problems with samsung and cell C.

    • eugenevisser

      Trust me, when my contract expires, I will be leaving Cell C and their anti-christ partner Vodacom for the greener pastures of MTN. Years of bad service on my two contracts, pathetic customer store policies, general apathy and the sheer impossibility to make or receive calls on the Cell C network is driving me over the edge. I may as well not have a cellphone for all the good it does me!

    • Philimon

      Cell C are pathetic, and their attitude has got worse since Craig-Knott arrived!! I even sent Craig-Knott a REGISTERED letter with my complaints and he never even acknowledged the letter, WHAT A USELESS TURKEY !!!!

    • Alexander

      I must have misunderstood this. Cell C holds vodacom responsible for helping them ? Only in South africa. Disappointment!