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    December 6, 2012

    Blockbuster to sell mobile phones in-store

    According to a report by Bloomberg, in addition to renting a DVD, Blockbuster customers will soon be able to buy a mobile phone from the long-standing movie rental chain stores around the U.S.

    Blockbuster recently started selling mobile phones on its website under the name Blockbuster Mobile partnering with service providers Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Now, the company will be selling the devices in the 850 remaining stores, suggesting that online sales proved to be profitable.

    The concept came about with Dish Network, primarily a provider of satellite TV services, that bought the struggling movie rental chain in April 2011 for $230 million and has since begun moving into the mobile phone business, having planned to sell mobile phones through Blockbuster since it was first acquired.

    This is perhaps the first step in Dish Network’s plan to offer its own mobile network, having already acquired a number of wireless airwaves.

    Dish chairman and co-founder Charlie Ergen told Bloomberg in October that “Wireless will complement all of our technologies and allow us to be in more places and offer more of our services on one bill.”

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