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    December 8, 2015

    Apple releases the $99 USD Smart Battery Case

    smart battery case

    In surprising news from Apple – who usually take to stage each year in September to punt the iPhone’s battery life – the company has officially launched a $99 USD Smart Battery case; its own take on a battery cover.

    The new battery case, which arrives in either white or charcoal grey, is claimed by Apple to offer an increase in talk time by up to 25 hours, LTE Internet use up to 18 hours, and video playback up to 20 hours.

    Presently, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus carry 1,715mAh and 2,750mAh batteries respectively, though the Smart Battery Case will only be available for the former iPhone 6S.

    With the release of the Smart Battery Case, Apple joins the multitudes of third party manufacturers who produce battery packs for iPhone models, such as ubiquitous brand Mophie.

    Externally, the new cases fit the iPhone 6S’ form factor snugly, and instead of acting as a heavy-duty shell, adds a thicker width to the device through a rear external battery that sits shy of the iPhone’s true height and breadth.

    The Smart Battery Case is constructed out of soft-touch silicone, which is aimed at offering a comfortable grip to consumers, rather than all-out protection.

    What are your thoughts on the battery case? Let us know in the comments below!

    Listen in to our latest podcast!