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    January 12, 2016

    Apple registers Apple.car and other auto domains

    auto domains

    Adding speculation to the fact that the company is building an autonomous car, Apple has registered apple.car and other auto domains.

    A trio of auto domains, including names such as apple.car and apple.auto, have been registered by Apple, according to Whois records.

    The records, which were updated on January 8th, has shown that Apple registered the domains in question through sponsoring registrar MarkMonitor Inc in December of 2015.

    While the domains could in fact be related to Apple’s continued development of CarPlay, speculation has lead many to posit that Apple is preparing to unveil an autonomous car that has been produced in secret at some point in the future.

    Apple allegedly aims to compete against Google and Elon Musk’s┬áTesla in the race to build and produce an autonomous car – the company has previously hired talent from the latter group.

    Previously, Apple has been in discussions with a Bay Area testing facility with the intent of testing either a connected or autonomous vehicle, and has met with the California DMV to review regulations surrounding self-driving vehicle legislation.

    Apple likely still remains in the early stages of development, with the news that the company has registered auto domains only fuelling further speculation around the company’s alleged project.

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    Source: MacRumours


    Listen in to our latest podcast!