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    February 24, 2017

    Apple expands its AI and Machine Learning groups, hinting at a smarter Siri

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    New reports indicate that Apple is working to expand its AI and Machine Learning focus groups, hinting that a refined version of Siri might be in the works.

    According to a new report from GeekWire, Apple is working to expand its AI and Machine Learning focus groups to two additional floors in its Two Union Square premises, indicating that the company plans to hire additional employees.

    According to Apple’s Director of Machine Learning, Carlos Guestrin, Apple is “trying to find the best people who are excited about AI and machine learning — excited about research and thinking long term but also bringing those ideas into products that impact and delight our customers”.

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    Guestrin elaborated on the future of the iPhone, hinting that Siri might play an important part in bringing more intuitive features to Apple’s premier smartphone in the future.

    “But what’s going to make a major difference in the future, in addition to those things, for me to be emotionally connected to this device, is the intelligence that it has — how much it understands me, how much it can predict what I need and what I want, and how valuable it is at being a companion to me. AI is going to be at the core of that, and we’re going to be some of the people who help with that, here in Seattle, but of course there will be tons of groups in Cupertino doing amazing things with that, too… It’s not just about doing research, but it’s about the technology transfer and how that gets embedded into experiences that customers love.”

    A recent report indicated that Apple is presently working on a refined version of Siri for use on a future iPhone to combat the prevalence of Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, or even other AI alternatives such as HTC’s Sense Companion.

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